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Hub Staff


Liz Barnhart


Community Outreach Coordinator

Liz has been involved with the Hub as a garden intern, volunteer, and educator since 2016. After graduating with her B.S in Community Health from I.U, she took over the position of volunteer coordinator. She has worked in Bloomington as a farm hand, construction worker, painter, restaurant manager, wood worker, barista, rock climbing coach, and behavioral health specialist. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, listening to Jimmy Buffet, climbing, swimming, and foraging for wild edibles. 

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Audrey Brinkers


Garden Coordinator 

As Garden Coordinator, Audrey is excited to grow food, share food, eat food, and talk about food here at the Hub. She recently moved back to Bloomington from Chicago, where she worked as a youth farm coordinator at Windy City Harvest and a high school science teacher at Chicago Public Schools. Outside of work, she loves amateur bird watching, riding her bike slowly, and running around with her dog Gertie.

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Yvonne Hensley


Advocacy Coordinator

Yvonne has been in Bloomington for many years. She has been a phlebotomist, school health aide, doula, and more. She continues to be part of the community, which consists of Monroe County Fair Board and on the Board of Flourish Inc. Yvonne loves to spend time with her three children and husband. She also loves to find time to craft, hike in nature, and learn about apothecary with all kinds of roots and plants.  Her favorite quote is, “They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst” Sophie Hatter

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 grand pup “Gunner”

Georgia O'Connor


Youth Educator

Georgia has experience working with youth for over 16 years. Georgia says her love of gardening and working along side youth was inspired by, her grandmother. “My grandmother always invited me to help with the gardening. When I was young I assumed it was to get more done, as a grown up, I realize I probably created more work than I helped with. For grandma, it was more about spending unhurried time getting to know her straggly haired granddaughter, than getting the garden chores done.” How does Georgia define a successful day? “Hands in the soil, seeds planted with and in youth, seeing them both grow!”

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Julia Dotson 

Matthew Huang

David Lyman

Devon Perry, Chair

Ted Pike, Treasurer

Mitch Rice, Secretary

Asher Waite-Jones

Stephen Westrich, Vice Chair

Board of


Megan Betz


President and CEO 

While new to the Hub, Megan has been committed to making quality food more broadly accessible in Bloomington for ten years. She has an MPA from the O’Neill School and a PhD in Geography, also from Indiana University. Megan’s research focus and activism in the community have centered on building equitable, inclusive spaces within public food. Away from the Hub, Megan is either in her own garden and tending her fruit trees, sewing, or getting outdoors with the family and their dog Sprinkles.

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Annalise Haldeman


Programs Assistant

Annalise Haldeman received their B.A. in Sociology from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY where, among their research pursuits in sex, gender and sexuality studies, founded a grassroots organization that worked to hold anti-LGBTQIA+ groups accountable on campus. Their efforts led to campus wide changes including updating contracts the institution had with its religious affiliations. In their sociological research, Annalise studied how masculine queer folx conceptualize, perceive, and navigate sexual consent. They hope to continue to learn more about the ways the intersections of our identities influence and impact our lived experiences. In their day to day, Annalise is practicing living wholeheartedly through cultivating joy, fostering meaningful connection, and being present with each step and mindful breath.

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Kristen Lucas

(she/her, he/him, they/them)

Operations Manager

Kristen is the brains and brawn behind the over 1 million pounds of food moved through our pantry each year. Kristen loves being a pop to their doggos. They love slinging cocktails, sneakers, being outside, organization, being a goofball, time with buds, and being wildly dramatic whenever possible.

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Erika Wheeler 


Director of Development

Erika's first experience with the Hub was as a patron. It was the food pantry that first brought her to the Hub, but it was the people and the programs that kept her coming back, long after she no longer needed food assistance. Erika became a Garden Intern in 2014, was hired on as the Garden Coordinator in 2018, and is now the Director of Development. Erika believes that her long history with the Hub, in its many forms, will be an asset as she navigates her way through the world of nonprofit Development. When Erika's not at the Hub, she is probably somewhere drenched in sweat - either working in her home garden, adventuring with her dog, or dancing away at Jazzercise Bloomington. 

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Alissa Weiss

(she/her, they/them)

Education Coordinator

Alissa brings their passion for all things food into their position as Education Coordinator. Alissa enjoys the creativity of cooking, the joy of tasting new flavors, and the richness of learning about food history and heritage. They have worked as a farm hand, grown food in community gardens, been a pastry chef, and is an avid home cook. Outside of doing excessive amounts of dishes, they can be found reading a good book, traipsing through the woods with their dog, digging up patches of grass in their yard for more garden beds, or practicing the art of sitting still. 

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