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What does advocacy mean at the Hub?

At the Hub, we not only work to meet the immediate needs of community members, we also address the root causes of hunger: poverty, oppression, lack of affordable housing, and lack of affordable healthcare. Our advocacy work currently falls into four categories.


Community Building

We believe that community connections and supportive networks are both the basis of change and a protective factor against food insecurity. Our advocacy program works to make sure the Hub is inclusive and accessible, hosts monthly lunches and dinners to foster community, and offers opportunities for folks to engage in shared work.  


Collective Impact

Knowing that healthcare, housing, wages, and more affect community members' ability to access food, the Hub works with organizations from different sectors to affect change. We actively pursue partnerships to address root cause work at a local, state, and national level. 


Civic Engagement and Education

The Hub offers education about local, state, and federal policies, as well as opportunities to take action together. During election years, we offer voter registration, candidate information, and resources for getting to the polls, and we seek ways to bring in community educators and resources to empower and skill build with our community.


Want to Get Involved?

To learn more, sign up for our Advocacy newsletter here.

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