Sarah Cahillane

Director of Development 

Formerly employed as a home based case manager, Sarah spent many hours taking clients to the Hub and showing them how to cook vegetables. Prior to that, Sarah lived in Maun, Botswana where she was the regional director of Mothers for All, a non-profit she helped to establish post Peace Corps. She spent time learning how to garden in the Kalahari, while training members of her organization to make jewelry from trash. If she had her way, she would still go on safari every weekend, but hikes in Yellowwood with her dog Ziggy will have to do for now.

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Amanda Nickey

President and CEO 

As captain of the Hub ship enterprise, Amanda steered the capital campaign that led to our new and improved 1100 W. Allen facility. Amanda has a masters degree in Education from Georgia State University and an MPA from Indiana University SPEA. She enjoys knitting, spending time with her family, and cracking jokes.

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812-355-6843 x 202

Hannah Lencheck 

Advocacy Coordinator

Hannah has been with the Hub since 2014, when she started working with youth gardeners. In her current position, she helps to build equity into MHC’s programs & policies, and to make advocacy accessible and empowering for Hub community members. On any given day, she can be found working on state legislation, building relationships with community members, stewarding the Hub Farm Stand, or regaling folks with stories of her cat, Max. 

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Hub Staff

Kristen Lucas
(she/her, he/him, they/them)

Operations Manager

Kristen is the brains and brawn behind the over 1 million pounds of food moved through our pantry each year. Kristen loves being a pop to their doggos. They love slinging cocktails, sneakers, being outside, organization, being a goofball, time with buds, and being wildly dramatic whenever possible.

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 grand pup “Gunner”
Georgia O'Connor

Youth Educator

Georgia has experience working with youth for over 16 years. Georgia says her love of gardening and working along side youth was inspired by, her grandmother. “My grandmother always invited me to help with the gardening. When I was young I assumed it was to get more done, as a grown up, I realize I probably created more work than I helped with. For grandma, it was more about spending unhurried time getting to know her straggly haired granddaughter, than getting the garden chores done.” How does Georgia define a successful day? “Hands in the soil, seeds planted with and in youth, seeing them both grow!”

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Alissa Weiss 
(she/her, they/them)

Education Coordinator

From the time I was little, my mom had me in the kitchen. When I was too small to stand at the counter, she sat me up on top so I could watch her mix batter and “help” make cookies. The kitchen has become my creative space and I enjoy    experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. After working with some community gardens in Chicago, my interest in growing food expanded and I spent a couple seasons working on organic farms. As the Education Coordinator, I am excited to share my passion for cooking and love of gardening at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

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Liz Barnhart

Volunteer Coordinator

Liz has been involved with the Hub as a garden intern, volunteer, and educator since 2016. After graduating with her B.S in Community Health from I.U, she took over the position of volunteer coordinator. She has worked in Bloomington as a farm hand, construction worker, painter, restaurant manager, wood worker, barista, rock climbing coach, and behavioral health specialist. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, climbing, swimming, and foraging for wild edibles. 

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Erika Wheeler 

Garden Coordinator

Since her Garden Internship in 2014, Erika has dreamed of working at the Hub. Now, as the Hub’s Garden Coordinator, she helps patrons, volunteers, and interns plant, maintain, and harvest two community gardens. When she’s not in the gardens, Erika can be found checking out cooking and gardening tools to members of the Tool Share Library, digging out a handful of worms to share from our vermicomposting bins, or giving away seeds and transplants to patrons in the pantry. Erika holds a Bachelors degree in Community Health from IU’s School of Public Health and is currently pursuing a Master Gardeners certification through the Purdue Extension Office.  She is also a certified Jazzercise instructor, though she hasn’t found a way to work that into her work at the Hub…yet.

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Julia Dotson, Chair 

Matthew Huang, 

David Lyman, Vice Chair

Abby Noroozi, Secretary

Devon Perry

Mitch Rice 

Tom Tarzian

Stephen Westrich

Russ Wilkie, Treasurer

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