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Direct Giving Program


Applications are currently closed.

If you need connected to other assistance, contact Eavy at


The Hub has received $10,000 to pilot a program that aims to provide direct cash assistance to our patrons. Since the amount of funding is small, and there are other assistance programs for rent and utilities in our county, this funding will be used for things that are not usually funded such as transportation needs, clothing, childcare needs, household items, medical supplies, etc. For now, we will have a $200 limit for funding per household. We will not require I.D, proof of income, or receipts from purchases. Applications will be reviewed every two weeks. If you need assistance filling out this application, please call our office at (812) 339-5887. For all questions about Direct Giving, please contact Liz at

If you have more questions, check out our

Commonly Asked Direct Giving Questions page!



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