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Direct Giving Program


Commonly Asked Questions

How can I apply?


Applications are online at or can be filled out in our pantry during open hours.


Can I apply even though I got funding this year?


Yes! However, priority will be given to those who have not received gift cards in the past.


How is money awarded?


All funding is given out in the form of Visa Giftcards. These cards work just like debit cards, and you do not need to register them in order to use them! For some transactions, like gas, you might have to pay inside and charge it as “Credit”. The cards do not require a PIN unless you chose to register them online.


How do you decide who gets money?


The Application Review Committee, which consists of one staff member, one board member, and one patron, reviews all applications. All names and personal information are removed in order to keep applicants anonymous. We take many things into consideration, including the type of request, equitability, and the level of need. We do not have a lot of funding, so we will not be able to fill every request. Partial funding is also given to many applicants.


What types of things have been funded in the past?


The most commonly funded request is for transportation. We try to give out money for things that are not commonly funded, like medical equipment, emergency needs, childcare supplies, clothing, gas, car repairs, and personal products. We want to meet the needs of our community, so all requests are welcome. The only things that we cannot fund at this time are rent, utilities, and larger expenses.


I’m having trouble with my application. Is there someone I can reach out to?


Absolutely! For any questions or comments, please contact Liz at or call our office at (812) 339-5887. If you are filling out an application in the pantry, please ask for a staff member to assist you.


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