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Hub Garden Corps


Beginning in 2019, MHC is stewarding the Hub Garden Corps program in collaboration with Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County. Garden Corps is a full-season paid internship, focused on developing supportive networks and practicing problem-solving skills for teens facing barriers to employment.


Over the course of several months, Garden Corps members cultivate leadership and community through the growing and sharing of food. Members gain hands-on experience stewarding Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards’ community gardens, and working as a team to grow and sell fresh produce at the Hub Farm Stand. 

Garden Corps Members:

  • Learn organic gardening tenants and plant care from seed to harvest

  • Participate in weekly garden workdates, working with and leading volunteers in planting, watering, harvesting and more

  • Care for Garden Corps plots, using skills learned in the community garden 

  • Engage in off-season reading and discussion to broaden garden knowledge

  • Participate in the monthly Hub Farm Stand as vendors, selling fresh produce and handicrafts

  • Manage Garden Corp Farm Stand operations from garden planning to harvesting, pricing to promotions, and community interactions  

  • Build skills in time management, budgeting, leadership, setting healthy boundaries, and more

Meet the 2019 Garden Corps Members



Favorite Vegetable:



Favorite Thing About Garden Corps: planting & meeting new people


Favorite Vegetable:



Favorite Thing About Garden Corps: planting our garden and doing transplants



Favorite Vegetable: cucumbers


Favorite Thing About Garden Corps: transplanting plants into individual cells, playing in the soil 


Favorite Vegetable:  

tomatoes & spinach


Favorite Thing About Garden Corps:  

the new experiences

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