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The Hub's Statement of Support for the

Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition - United Electrical Workers

We support the Indiana Graduate Workers Coalition - United Electrical Workers as they work toward union recognition and a living wage. We have had the opportunity to work with generations of graduate students, learning with and educating them, sharing skills, and supporting our community on the path toward food justice. More pressingly, we also see graduate students utilize our pantry services to maintain food security. Union recognition and collective bargaining would support graduate students' economic stability, because no individual should have to choose between paying for adequate housing, covering monthly bills, and accessing a healthful diet.

Graduate workers have demonstrated their support for unionization on several occasions, most notably the submission of 1,584 union cards to the university last December. We suggest that IU respects their wishes. We call on administrators to dialogue with the Coalition and seek out a meaningful form of union representation.


Graduate workers have set a strike deadline for April 13th in hopes of gaining union recognition from IU. As graduate workers engage in collective actions to make their voices heard, we call on the university to take no actions to punish or retaliate against those who choose to participate. Such actions would be detrimental to our community and the academic culture of the university.


You can join graduate workers on the picket line signing-up here or find out about all events starting on April 13th using this schedule.

Published: 04/13/22

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