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Our Programs

The Hub exists to ensure that all people have access to healthy, whole foods. When visiting the Hub, community members can find groceries in our food pantry, a space for shared learning in the garden and kitchen, resources to help grow and prepare food at home, and opportunities to build community and address the root causes of hunger.

Food Pantry

At the Hub, we believe that access to healthy food is a basic human right. The Hub's Food Pantry serves community members Tuesday through Thursday, from noon to 6 pm, offering a variety of items including dry goods, produce, meat, and dairy. Our pantry operates like a grocery - individuals and families can stop by when we're open and shop for what works for their household. ​For more information on how the pantry operates, click here

Community Gardens

Ever tasted a carrot freshly-pulled from the soil? Planted seedlings carefully in a row? How about turning a pile of steamy compost? In the Hub's Community Garden program, you can experience all of these and more! Our organic gardens offer space for community members to come together, try their hand at gardening, and learn how to grow delicious food organically and frugally. For more information on how to get your hands in the dirt, click here

Cooking Programs

Our Cooking Programs focus on cooking whole foods from scratch in budget-friendly ways. From fermentation to pie-making, the Hub kitchen is a place for sharing skills and community building, all while cooking up delicious dishes. Food lovers of all ages and experiences are welcome in the Hub kitchen, whether its for a full-length workshop or a drop-in Kids Cook. For more information on how to get cooking with us, click heres. 

Tool Share

Pasta-makers, shovels, crockpots and more! For Hub patrons looking to try their hand at home gardening or cooking from scratch, the Tool Share offers free access to a range of tools. With the Tool Share, community members can get the tools they need to try out a new skill, complete a seasonal task, or work on a special project. For more information on available items and Tool Share membership, click here


Our Food Pantry serves an average of 3,800 community members weekly. Our Advocacy Programs asks the question of why so many need emergency food services in the first place. From coming together over shared meals to facilitating civic engagement, the Hub's Advocacy Program works to address the root causes of hunger as a part of increasing access to nutritious food.  For more information on how to get engaged with advocacy, click here

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